Terms & Conditions

Should you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions please feel free to contact us.


Booking is made exclusively between you and the performance provider (hereafter referred to as the artist) or those acting on their behalf. This booking is confirmed electronically by both parties and constitutes a Contract for the performance of live music at the agreed price, date and time. ACE Music Booking Agency are not part of the Contract and are therefore no part the booking, the performance or any unforeseen loss or damages that may arise during the booking. It is not possible to alter the terms of the booking or Contract without an agreement first from the other party.


A notice of 30 days minimum must be given prior to any Cancellation of booked events. If you do not serve Cancellation notice and the artist is prevented from performing as agreed, the artist reserves the right to charge up to 100% of the booking fee agreed in the Booking Contract. The artist also reserves the right to cancel a Booking Contract within the minimum of 30 days.


Payment is to be made on or before the date of performance directly with the artist. Payment can be made at a later date only if agreed in the Booking Contract. If you are making payments to the artist after the date of performance, Payment should take place within 14 days. A 30% of penalty charge can be added to the outstanding balance for every 30 days exceeding the first 14 days until cleared.