A Live Network of Music for Hire | ACE Music Booking Agency | Hampshire UK

A Live Network of Music for Hire | ACE Music Booking Agency | Hampshire UK

ACE Music Booking Agency is a live network of active music for hire in Hampshire UK.

Unlike music act directory listing websites, ACE Music Booking Agency knows which acts within the network are active and available to provide your event entertainment at all times.

Many artists and cover bands will join directory websites and never update their listing, this means you may spend many hours finding the right music for hire only to then discover they are no longer playing those songs, now have different members (which invalidates the demo you just listened too) or in some cases are not even together any more!

This is a waste of your time which is why you need a live network of music acts ready and able to fulfil your requirement. When you make an enquiry, ACE Music Booking Agency will find currently active live music cover bands for your event and send you a selection of the best which match your requirement.

Set ACE Music Booking Agency to work today for FREE and see our live network in action!


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Available for booking live music for any pub, bar, club, wedding, function, lounge, hotel, cafe, restaurant, party, rock venue, birthday, Christmas dinner, Christmas party, New Year's Eve Party, house party, corporate event or function.

We will not share your details with any third party for any reason.